My name is Jacob Weaver.  I'm a Fine Artist by trade with a heavy background in fine art and conservation.  I'm a father of 3 and grateful everyday for  the love of my life.  I've been tattooing on and off fulltime since 2009.  I learned my fundamentals while I was going to college, studying Studio Art and History at the University of Montana.  I've been lucky to have had the career I have.  I've been grateful for 6 years I had with restoration and conservation opportunities to work on private collections for various entities.  I take that same pride towards my tattoo art.  


I specialize in custom concepts and difficult coverups.  Styles can be mimicked, so I try to create work that creates cohesion with pre-existing pieces that still reflect originality and elevates the quality of work the client has. 

"If we know and can do better, then we should."  


 I take pride in what I create.  And I want to create something long lasting.   This also means that we may need to take more time when designing custom pieces.  Please be patient as I only take on projects that are: 



3)something that elevates the collector

My minium is $100.00 and my rate is $150.00 after the first hour.  I also price by project.  For estimate questions, please email.  For more updated works and my daiy ventures....visit me on Instagram @inkedgent

For all of my passion projects...please ask.


-Kind regards,