Jordan Rose Jasinski

I have been tattooing since 2017 and I specialize in black and grey floral, nature, ornamental, and geometric tattoos. I will not do color, and I typically only do larger scale tattoos. I do require a good amount of artistic freedom for designs, and will not take on anything and everything black and grey, so shoot me an email and if I'm not the artist for you, I will gladly recommend another artist for you that I think would better suit you!

I am on an appointment only basis. My appointment time is either 9am or 10am, Thursday's-Monday's.

EMAIL for pricing and scheduling inquiries! PLEASE include a detailed description of what you're wanting, where on the body, how big (in inches), and attach any reference photos that you have.

You may also click this link to look at my current calendar, and even pick an appointment date and time. Please read it in full, as these are my policies and procedures for my booking and appointment process. Please include your detailed inquiry in the "notes" section once you choose a date and time. This will not guarantee your appointment, as I will still need to go through and see if it is a subject matter I want to tattoo.

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