Jordan Rose Jasinski


I have been tattooing since 2017 and I specialize in black and grey floral and geometric tattoos. I will not do color, and I typically only do larger scale tattoos. I do require a lot of artistic freedom for designs, especially for sleeves and half sleeves. **At this time, I am only offering floral, geometric, and/or skulls (animal or human).**

I am on an appointment only basis. My appointment time is 9:30am, Thursday's-Sunday's, and I typically book 3-4 months in advance at least.

**This link is where you can look at my calendar, read my policies and procedures, as well as request an appointment. Please include your detailed inquiry in the "notes" section once you choose a date and time, please also actually read everything. This will not guarantee your appointment, as I will still need to go through and make sure you are requesting for subject matters that I offer. Sending the request is the ONLY way to book an appointment. If I receive an email trying to book, I will refer you to that link anyway.**

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