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Tattoos Denver Colorado
Tattoos Denver Colorado
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Tattoos Denver Colorado


At Urban Element all our artists are trained and certified in tattooing best practices and safety procedures and provide clients with the highest level of care throughout and following the tattooing process.  Urban Element Tattoo, LLC is licensed and inspected by the State of Colorado.​

Rowell Alfleor Tattoo Art

Rowell Alfelor

Rowell Alfelor, the shop owner, kickstarted his artistic journey on the streets of the Bay Area as a graffiti artist when he was young. His love for art drove him to enroll in the Academy of Art University, where he focused on illustration. Following graduation, Rowell delved into product design, graphic art, character creation, and UI design for small gaming companies in San Francisco. Eventually, Rowell and his family relocated to Colorado, where he embarked on a tattoo apprenticeship in the Springs. His remarkable talent as an artist led him to establish Urban Element Tattoo just a year later. Rowell's expertise spans a wide array of styles, and you can explore his diverse portfolio for more information.

Nick Arroyo Tattoo Art

Nick Arroyo

Hi, my name is Nickolas Arroyo, I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of California.


I grew up with a passion for art which led me to an apprenticeship at Generation 8, a busy shop in Hollywood, shortly after I became a full-time artist there. Then I ended up making my way towards a new shop called Tribute tattoo in West Hills of California, and had the pleasure of becoming friends and mentored by Jamie Lee Parker.


After that I made my way to Colorado for new opportunities, more nature and a positive life. I currently work at Urban Element Tattoo where it has brought some of the best Tattoo years of my life so far. The shop is amazing, positive, friendly, and inviting.

I love meeting new clients, connecting with their stories, and bringing their ideas to life. For more information on my appointment process please contact me by submitting a form on my artist page.

Demian's Tattoo Art

Demian Rivera

Demian Rivera is an award-winning tattoo artist born and raised in Puerto Rico, and is currently based in Denver, Colorado.

Demian has decades of expert tattooing experience before moving to the Denver area.

Working at Urban Element Tattoo since 2019, he has created hundreds of pieces of body art in a wide variety of styles for those who visit the shop.

PJ's Tattoo Art

PJ Blanchard

Embarking on my tattoo journey in the vibrant city of New Orleans in 2002, I've since woven my craft across diverse landscapes, creating an intricate tapestry of experiences that have shaped me into a seasoned tattoo artist.

My extensive travels have broadened my artistic palette, allowing me to specialize in crafting tattoos that celebrate the richness of various cultures.


From traditional eagles to delicate fine line infinity symbols, each piece is approached with the same meticulous care and consideration. My true passion lies in connecting with clients, collaborating on their unique transformations, and infusing each tattoo with a blend of artistry and personal significance.

Gail's Tattoo Art

Gail Perry

Gail is a tattoo artist at Urban Element Tattoo, in the SoBo district of Denver.

Engel Anime Tattoo


Engel is a tattoo artist at Urban Element Tattoo, in the SoBo district of Denver.

Lex' Tattoo Art

Lex Neva

Lex is a tattoo artist at Urban Element Tattoo, in the SoBo district of Denver.


Amanda Rae

Originally from Arizona, Amanda moved to Colorado 10 years ago, in order to be apart of Denver’s unique art scene and pursue a career in tattooing.


After 4 years in the industry, Amanda has learned to embrace most styles, but specializes in full color, neo traditional, fine line, black and grey pieces. 

Megan's Tattoo Art

Megan Cooper

With a lifelong passion for art, Megan relocated to Denver 10 years ago from Wisconsin.


After becoming a part of the tattoo community, she covers many different styles. Nature and animal-based designs, occult/spooky theme, Neotraditional style, fine line, and black and
grey stipple are preferred.


Cres Perez

Born in Colorado, Cres began making and selling art as a child. He studied art at the University of Denver, focusing on illustration and oil painting. 

After apprenticing in Boulder, Cres started tattooing professionally in 2022 and moved to Urban Element in March 2024. Specializing in American traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, he loves to create original or pop culture-based designs. He especially enjoys anything surreal, dark, movie, or comic book-themed. 

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